Things Dave has done recently that lead me to believe I’m dating his 12-year old brother
January 12, 2010

  • Spent four hours straight on the Web site
  • Informed me that our shower doesn’t need to be cleaned, ever, because there’s water in it all the time. Obviously.
  • Defended a meat-only diet as a sustainable alternative to my suggestion that we eat salad with dinner
  • Neglected to change the radio station when Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USA came on during a recent car trip
  • Suggested we purchase the following: a remote-controlled monster truck, gummy vitamins (Costco-size), Playstation, xbox 360, and a box of hostess oatmeal cream pies, aka a dessert even I will not eat. And I’m not so picky when it comes to carbs.

That being said, I still feel more 12 than 25, so maybe this isn’t such a bad thing.