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September 29, 2010

After 10 months with an about page that neglected to contain any complete sentences, I’ve finally managed to string together a few paragraphs detailing just what this thing is all about.

Check it out here if you’re so inclined.

getting on with it
September 13, 2010

“Say to yourself in the kindest possible way, Look, honey, all we’re going to do for now is to write a description of the river at sunrise, or the young child swimming in the pool at the club, or the first time the man sees the woman he will marry. That is all we are going to do for now. We are just going to take this bird by bird. But we are going to finish this one short assignment.”

I’m getting over my summer of radio silence, I swear, by taking deep breaths and frequent ice cream breaks and Anne Lamott’s advice, of course. Thanks for bearing with me. I promise to make it worth your while.

the six month review
May 17, 2010

Just about six months ago, I found myself all dressed up with nowhere to go. So I started a blog.

Did you know that that’s how this all began? I mean, there’s the long story, too: the shock and frantic pace of moving to Philadelphia over the summer had faded, leaving a tinge of loneliness and boredom in its wake; I didn’t yet feel anchored to this new city; when it came to writing and me and where the two might intersect, I felt lost and dizzy and overwhelmed; [insert phrase about tough transition and brewing quarter-life crisis here.]

But the semi-melodramatic details don’t really change the bottom line, which is this: I had bought a new outfit. Perfect-fitting skinny black jeans, a soft, thin greyish-blue open front jersey cardigan from the Nordstrom teens department, hot leather boots of the same color with lots of buckles and straps. And Dave had clinic or an overnight shift or something similarly time-consuming and doctorly, and I refused to let such a cute outfit go to waste simply because I now worked from home and had barely any friends in this new city. So I dug up my laptop case and walked until I found an open coffee shop and started typing up this little blurb about my complete and utter lack of rhythm. Because embarrassing myself seemed like a good place to start.

Since then, I’ve written 96 more posts, most of them at least touching on this theme of embarrassment,which seems to be somewhat pervasive in my life. Other popular themes include, wow, everyone else appears to be perfect (see: thoughts on best friend, boyfriend, boyfriend brother’s girlfriend, Mindy Kaling) and why do I insist on acting like a middle schooler? (see: family vacations, behavior at boyfriend’s brother’s bar mitzvah, excessive evidence of whining.)

I still haven’t learned CSS or mastered shutter speed or redesigned what I am sure is the most horrendous-looking About page to ever grace the Internet. I haven’t changed the world or connected with lots of new people or garnered a big pool of readers eager for my next post. But I’ve said some things I needed to say, and I’ve kept some old friends in the loop on my life and I’ve even written a thing or two that doesn’t make me cringe. So, for that, I owe you, my single-digit readership, a very big thank you. Thank you, Jon and Drea and Amu and everyone for reading and forcing me forward. You’ve done a lot more than let me show off my new jeans, that’s for sure.

So, then. On to the next six. Shall we?

A disclaimer
February 3, 2010

So, I just wanted to take a second to acknowledge that these recaps – or at least portions of them -might not be winning me any writing contests. I’m usually better about editing myself and distilling things into as few words as possible, both because I think writing is better that way and because I enjoy reading things – especially online – that make the most of every word. But the thing is, I’m doing these recaps both for you, my captive audience (aka my like 10 best friends – hi kids!) and for me, so that I have a record of these trips and crazy-ass stories. So that I can use phrases like “this one time, in a rural Indian hospital…” when trying to make my children feel guilty. So I’m including some more play-by-plays than usual, more paragraphs that go “She ____. And then she ____. And then she _____.” I hope you’ll bear with me as I try to get it all down – and I do mean all of it. I’m looking at a 5-part recap at this point, so brace yourselves. I haven’t even gotten to the good stuff yet.

India photographic
February 1, 2010

A bunch of (edited!) photos are up here. I wouldn’t say I’m super thrilled with them but I guess it’s a start. And I do still love my Nikon.

The hold up, part 2
January 31, 2010

Um, remember about 24 hours ago when I was complaining about Photoshop? Kind of reminds me of that time I was worried about getting food poisoning in India and ended getting stitches instead. I got Photoshop to work, you see, but in the process discovered that my entire hard drive has failed, according to Gary at the Cherry Hill apple store. He was sweet enough to give me a new hard drive (two times as big!) and keyboard for free. I’m still confused as to how that went down, because I def didn’t spring for the protection plan, but I’m not complaining.

Well, actually, I am kind of complaining, because I totally thought that I would just press a button and all of my backed up data would magically flow into my computer and make it exactly the same as it was before. But apparently, that’s not how this shit works. Where are my post-its? My google notifier? That cute hula dancer on my dashboard? 

This is all a long way of saying, I’m currently detained, painstakingly trying to reconstruct my beloved comp. If you have any suggestions (EV!?) send them my way, if not, sit tight for just a little bit longer while I try to get this shit under control. Gracias.

The hold up
January 30, 2010

Don’t think that I’m not working on a massive (3-part!) recap of my trip, because I totally am. It’s just taking me a little longer than usual because I’m trying out a free trial of Photoshop and WANT TO THROW MY COMPUTER ACROSS THE ROOM. Seriously, Evan, I think you need to move in – or at least move back to the East Coast. I need a techie on call 24/7. Or a shot of tequila. Either way, I’m confident I’ll have some edited (for better or worse) photos on flickr within a few days. Stay tuned.

Toning down the vulgarity, begrudgingly
January 6, 2010

A brief public service announcement:

I’m kind of disturbed by the search terms that are bringing people to this blog, for example: “Indian schoolgirl pussy photo.” Seriously? I don’t think that guy found what he was looking for. As much as it pains me to do this, I think I need to resolve to use the word “pussy” less in 2010. Even when describing my ex-boyfriend. Sigh.

Up and running
December 31, 2009

Follow my photographic progress (fingers crossed) on flickr! I’ll be featuring some pictures on the blog, but you can stalk me more thoroughly over here. Enjoy.

Not dead, just in Vermont
December 23, 2009

Not that I’m trying to draw a similarity between the two but…you know. Expect lots of updates on nasty snowboard bruises, chocolate truffles and Christie Lee’s shoe size when I make my way back to semi-civilization, aka Connecticut. Until then, enjoy the holidays and prepare for much blabbering upon my return. Kisses.