Hi. I’m Rach, the girl who always had trouble using her inside voice – now all grown up (kind of.)

I’m 27-years-old and live in Manhattan with my husband, Dave, and our puppy, Franny. I’m a journalist by day, an unabashed recorder of the day to day drama that is my life by night, and a teller of stories always.

I grew up in the Connecticut suburbs, a touch overly dramatic, overly hard on myself, and, most importantly for our purposes, overly loud. After 18 years of talking back to my parents, I moved on to college, where I was pleased to find that the instructors didn’t know me well enough to separate me from my friends during class or specifically position my desk beside their own. I worked at the student newspaper, stayed up too late, drank lots of tequila and continually professed my love for boys who just weren’t that into me.

After graduation, I finally met one who was – and responded by promptly moved 200 miles away from him, to Washington, DC. Dave and I ended up doing the long-distance thing for two years, and, while it was hard, I never really felt lonely on my own. There were far too many late-night living room conversations with my roommates and happy hours cocktails and Saturdays spent wandering around the city in flip-flops for that.

But in July 2009, I left my carefully crafted early-twenty-something life behind for a new chapter in Philadelphia, where Dave was finishing up medical school. The adjustment wasn’t easy: I struggled to make new friends, fit in with Dave’s family and generally play the grown up I’m not sure I am yet.

Some days it works, and some days it didn’t.

Either way, I wrote it all down here.

In June of 2011, we moved to New York (care of Dave’s residency), leaving me once again trying to transition to a new version of life. I have way more access to friends, pedicures and tequila here, but I somehow still seem to amass a collection of crazy stories and fresh freak-outs, week in and week out. And most of them still end up on this website.

Because, as it turns out, this blabbermouth thing is awfully hard to shake.

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