the social scene

Oh look! That life-sized muppet we bought ourselves last year: still living with us.

Francine’s actually been having a bit of a rough time of it recently. She’s past her initial “you moved me to New York and now I shall destroy everything you hold dear” phase – thank god – but her best friend here, Madeleine, recently got sick, and Franny’s feeling the loss acutely. I tried to arrange a few other play dates, but nothing’s worked out, leaving her lunging at every dog on the street, trying to find someone, anyone to play with.

A few nights ago, she even tried to go at it with a five-pound dog…with no hind legs…that was in some kind of doggie wheelchair.

“Getting desperate,” Dave said, as soon as we were out of earshot.

I, on the other hand – and dude, I don’t want to jinx this – have been on social overdrive. When you live in a city where you actually know people, holiday season apparently becomes a marathon of parties. Last week we had my friend Bridget’s holiday soiree/high school reunion (she lives with our high school prom queen, for real) on Wednesday and then Dave’s internal medicine department holiday party at the Central Park boathouse, where I wore heels I couldn’t walk in and ate at a socially unacceptable pace, on Thursday.

Weeknights are fun again. Who knew?

Hopefully all members of our household will feel just as socially fulfilled very soon.


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  1. It’s so nice to see you happy in New York! 🙂 I can’t wait to meet Franny next time I’m there.

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