the update

You may have noticed that a- I haven’t been around all that much here recently and b- I have an embarrassingly massive and less than attractive grin on my face in that last post, despite the fact that I was bracing for a hurricane.

There’s a simple explanation for both developments: life has been kind of wonderful recently.

Maybe it’s because I have an excuse to wear heels again. Maybe it’s because I walk so much now (as essentially a single puppy parent) that I can eat all the donuts I want and still fit into my short shorts. Maybe it’s because, after all my failed attempts at Espanol, I finally have a native English speaker amigo at the office. (Me: Does it bother you that he’s a guy? Dave: Dude, I am just so happy that you have a friend. At work.)

Maybe it’s just that the adjustment period is over, and this is what life is going to be like for me in this new city.

(I really hope it’s that last one.)

The truth, of course, is that I can’t be sure why everything feels so fun these days. The basics of my life haven’t changed: same roommate, same job, same giant gold purse. I haven’t scored some big, sought-after development; it’s not like this little happiness kick was sparked by a ring or a new job title or an apartment with floor-to-ceiling windows. Instead it seems to have developed slowly – snuck up on me even – and taken a while to sink in. And – while I really, really don’t want to jinx myself – I suspect that’s the kind of happiness that sticks around.

So yeah, I’m hoping to keep that dorky smile on my face for a good long while. The lack of writing, not so much. After all, this poor little blog has endured its fair share of worries and fears and insecurities over the past few months. I think it deserves a little happy now too.


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  1. Sometimes, it really is the “little” things. Like someone to talk to or long walks or a donut. Just something that you can look forward to in the morning as you’re brushing your teeth or drinking coffee.

    Love the tag “this shit takes time.” HAHA, SO TRUE.

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