but like actually

Francine and I are off to the Nutmeg State (true story: I just had to google the nickname for my home state; relatedly, nutmeg? really? of all the spices out there…) for a long weekend. I really do adore this new city of mine (despite all my whining over here), but I have to say I’m thrilled about this mini holiday one state over. The sand, the Sound, a proper haircut at proper suburban prices, a long overdue reunion with my two nearly¬†sisters. Corralling a crazy 10-month old puppy onto¬†Metro North by myself should be interesting, but I’m pretty sure what’s waiting for me on the other side will be worth it.

And besides, I don’t feel too bad about abandoning Manhattan for a bit. We already have another three day weekend on the horizon, and we’re planning to spend it right here, soaking in the hustle and bustle of all things big apple.

So for now: on to that place they make fun of on the billboards.


2 Responses

  1. Have a happy holiday!! (And a cheap haircut!! What’s better?!)

  2. I can’t believe you didn’t know we were from the nutmeg state! Is there any better spice, I ask?

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