puppy roulette

We’re playing a fun new game in our house this week.┬áIt’s the product of circumstance really, as we lack both a- money for a dog walker and b – the foresight to know when it’s necessary to turn on the AC in the morning. Like, I’m actually incapable of comprehending weather.com’s takeaway before 8 a.m, which has led to me begging Dave to meet me at 68th & Lex with an umbrella (Friday) and neglecting to turn on the air for Francine during a heat advisory (today.)

The result is a situation we like to refer to as frugal love, even as we understand and acknowledge that some might see it more as “neglect” or even “child abuse.” (Glass half empty types, surely.)

Anyway, if we’re going to be hauled off by pet services sooner rather than later, I figure we might as well have some fun with it while it lasts! So here’s the game: -10 points if the dog pees herself in the kitchen; -20 points if the dog pees herself in the elevator, sans onlookers; -30 points if the dog pees herself in front of a crowd. And, um, everyone loses if the dog dies of heat stroke.

So far, we’ve actually (surprisingly? thankfully!) been kicking ass. Which means less time spent with paper towels and paramedics, and more time for long walks to the dog park.

Win. Here’s hoping the rest of the week is filled with high scores too.


One Response

  1. This made me laugh!
    And your pup is cute. I fail at the puppy owning quite a bit myself…

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