You’ve probably read this already…

…because even my mother has. But if you haven’t, it’s worth sacrificing one of your precious free NYTimes reads for. Look, I’ll even get you there for free: Curtis Sittenfeld on Tina Fey. You’re welcome!

For me, reading this article was kind of like Sittenfeld seeing Oprah on 30 Rock, as I’m a big fan of both Fey and Sittenfeld but had never before entertained the idea they might have some thread of a connection to each other. After all, I fell deeply in love with Fey at the age of 15, when she was merely a credit rolling at the end of my beloved SNL episodes (yes, she had a life before Weekend Update, people.) And Sittenfeld came to me later in life, in an altogether different context: she was actually the girlfriend (now wife) of a TA for one of my Communication courses, and had her first novel published during my time at the student newspaper, meaning I spent an evening sprawled on the disgusting futon in the news editors’ offices, paging through a press copy of Prep and largely ignoring my editing duties. My feelings for Sittenfeld will never near Tina Fey-levels, but I think they’re both incredibly smart and sharp and lovely writers and I’d buy anything either of them wrote without a second thought. Which is why, when my copy of Bossypants finally shows up (step it up,!) I plan to put it right next to American Wife on my bookshelf.



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