what I did on my winter vacation

Logged many hours on the road, in the front passenger seat, dozing with a puppy on my lap. Deemed such setup the best possible way to travel.

Witnessed the total undoing of my parents’ golden retriever by said passenger seat companion. He ignored her; he growled at her; he pooped indoors in protest. And then he finally gave in.

Ate latkes and chicken soup and thick slices of roast beef with horseradish sauce and thin slices of roast beef on a bagel and dozens of chocolate covered cherries commandeered from my father and the four-course early-bird special at our favorite Japanese place in Westport and countless other delicacies. Felt terribly sick. Proceeded to eat some more. Gained about as much as my rapidly growing puppy. Decided I’m OK with that.

Romped around in the snow banks surrounding my parents’ Vermont house with Franny and Ben. Protected myself from the elements a bit better than she was able to muster.

Thought a little bit about death and illness and the fear they’re ever-capable of inducing. Remembered life isn’t fair and that the best thing to do is keep on swimming through it all. Felt (feel) incredibly blessed.

Had an epic trip to the Gap (I know, right?) that netted me three new skirts, a pair of tights and a lace-trimmed top for under $70. Mourned the the day’s shopping casualty: my beloved tan cashmere wrap, presumably left to die among the dregs of the dressing rooms. I am so sorry, fringe-trimmed friend.

Read Freedom by Jonathan Franzen. Cried, a little. Decided tears owed as much to the fact that I liked the book as to the sudden realization that I am not, in fact, Jonathan Franzen. Bummer.

Got my ass on skis for the first time in a great long while. Made peace with the fact that I might not hate the sport as much as previously thought, with the condition that I don’t have to hit the slopes before 10 a.m. and someone buys me a cheeseburger around noon.

Debated the dorkiest gift in my pile of Hannukah loot: the snuggie printed with seals of all four Hogwarts houses or the lime-green puffer that matches those donned by the five (aw) members of my family? Called it a tie, and acknowledged this season’s honor really goes to the physics-themed t-shirts I bought my brothers. Making me the biggest dork of all.

Took lots of pictures.

I hope your last few days of 2010 were the merriest kind.




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