Reading… (the How To Freak Out Your Fiance edition)

Committed, by Elizabeth Gilbert, she of Eat, Pray, Love fame and fortune. (She’s also beloved in certain circles [read: by me] for her speech on creativity at the TED conference.)

I ordered this book last week, despite the fact that it got so-so reviews and that the structure is said to be lacking, because I really adore Elizabeth Gilbert’s voice. I honestly didn’t want to like her, and her super-famous, big-hit-with-divorcees-the-world-over memoir. I figured that anything being read by that many women during my commute to work, especially anything whose title contained the word ‘Pray,’ probably wouldn’t be worth my time. (See: that time I publicly professed my distaste my rabbi.)

But I gave in a few months ago, on the advice of a friend whose opinion I trust, and came to the shocking realization that I, like so many others, really like Elizabeth Gilbert. Also, I’m apparently getting married. So giving Committed a go seemed like a logical next step.

The problem was that I made the mistake of ordering it on Dave’s Amazon account. What I had counted on: using his free shipping (holler at student accounts.) What I hadn’t counted on: Dave getting an email alert with all the info on my most recent purchase.

“What is this?” he asked me, particularly concerned by the book’s tagline: “a skeptic makes peace with marriage.”


No worries, dear, it’s too early for second thoughts. The ring is still much too sparkly.


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