This heartbreaking but very important, I think, New Yorker article by Atul Gawande. It had me – she known for her heart of ice, especially in the face of fun stuff like cancer and death – tearing up on the metro today.

In related news, Dave and are convinced that if the stars/our gene pools aligned, we could give birth to the (white, Jewish) version of Atul Gawande. Maybe?


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  1. This article hits close to home, I have a friend from college whose mother was diagnosed with the same type of lung cancer and has been on the same drug, Tarceva. But she is in her 60’s and has raised 3 boys, and I can’t imagine having a brand new baby and facing this reality. Amazing and heart-breaking story.

    Also, I have no doubt that you and Dave will produce incredible (white and Jewish) babies!

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