the view from mid-July

In case you need further proof that I’m six years old, look no further than my choice of nail polish hues.

I was going for something upbeat and summery to try to combat those July doldrums, but instead ended up looking like a first grader that snuck into a nail salon. Oh well, lesson learned: lavender and watermelon: good in theory, not so good if you already know your times tables.

In related news, I wanted to wish a very happy birthday to the girl who couldn’t make a bad color decision if she tried.

Here’s to a wonderful 26th year, Megan Courtney!

That shot was taken in Rhode Island on the Saturday of 4th of July weekend, in the backyard of the house that Megan’s grandmother bought with her best friend, Joanie, at least 30 years ago, I believe. It’s in an unpretentious little shore town with an ice cream shop and a beach club and little cabanas where you can keep your sodas cold and store your extra towels while you hit the sand.

It’s also only about two hours from Connecticut (barring the mind-numbing traffic we encountered en route to the train station Monday), making it the perfect setting for a surprise birthday dinner with a few extras from out of state.

Of course, my unrelenting hatred of flash prohibited me from taking any photos of said dinner, but I did snap a picture of the patriotic cupcakes Bridget baked. Despite her insistence to the contrary (“they’re running!”), they were perfect, just like the weekend.

Even Buddy thought so.


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  1. thank you thank you my love! i will be sure to let shawnie know that buddy is an internet super star now. xoxo

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