what I’ve been up to

brunching and lunching and dining and wining, with a cocktail or two thrown in for good measure; persuading my mom that a 9:30 dinner reservation really isn’t that late; sifting through the lovely little Midtown shops that line 13th street, on the hunt for all the perfect birthday and bachelorette and wedding presents I so desperately need to find; wandering around this city in my flip flops with Lisztomenia buzzing in my ears; trying, and failing, to make baked french toast – and fleeing to Jones instead; trying, and failing, to remember the cereal mascots of my childhood during a heated game of Quizzo; writing, writing, writing…for the day job; admiring my byline in that national newspaper that sometimes allows me to grace their pages; catching up on Top Chef and Entourage and, though I’m ashamed to admit it, Bethenny Getting Married? (sometimes I think Bravo put the question mark there specifically to communicate my incredulousness at the fact that I actually continue to watch this shit); stocking up on all the veggies I forbade myself from eating in South America; riding out the heat wave with bottles and bottles of raspberry lime seltzer; trying to pretend I didn’t just see that cockroach crawl across my kitchen floor; trying to pretend I’m not jealous of the fact that Dave’s lying on a Hawaiian beach right now; trying on clothes I can’t afford (so that’s how a $400 dress fits); trying to enjoy my time alone instead of counting down the hours until his return; planning a few surprises; reminiscing about our move-in, almost exactly one year ago; loving this season so very much.


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