assorted reactions to the volcanic eruption in Ecuador

From the kid who forced his girlfriend to leave before he got his shots, because he “didn’t want her to see him like that.”

Ben: Is it the apocalypse?

From my chill Brooklyn-based travel buddy.

Chelsea: I was wondering when that would happen. It seems appropriate.

From my chill middle brother, who is, granted, now some 3,057 away from the ash and lava.

Jacob:  dont worry, you guys will be fine.  but if theyre closing the airport in guayaquil, i dont know where you will end up when your plane gets diverted because of the fog in quito…maybe brush up on your portuguese?

Thanks, Jay. My Portuguese is about as good as my Hindi, and we all know how that went down.

He was also kind enough to point out that the volcano in question is right next to Banos, the town we were planning on spending the majority of our trip in. And by “planning,” I mean “didn’t get the vaccines necessary to go anywhere else.”

Jacob:  it was also erupting in jan/feb but i dont think it changed anything, people still went to banos. but this time it seems a little worse.

Never fear though, kids – there’s an upside!

Jacob: on the other hand, they supposedly do some pretty cool volcano tours where they put you in a chiva (ie. open air party bus) at night and drive you up to where you can see it erupting!

Always a silver lining.


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