girly girl

I fear I may have single-handedly sent feminism back a decade or two today, as my Saturday has literally been one big fat gender stereotype.

With Dave off smoking cigars and riding rollercoasters with a college buddy (the women’s studies minor in you is cringing already, I know), I opted to stay home and indulge some of my more embarrassing interests.

Like, watching old Sex and the City episodes. And new Say Yes to the Dress episodes. And yes, my behavior disgusts me too.

Other items on the agenda included pedicures, shopping, talking far too seriously about the virtues of petite sizing and taking up important questions like, how many ruffles are too many ruffles when it comes to work dresses?

And then there was the nesting.

I insisted on buying this adorable salt and pepper shaker and sugar bowl set (top right and lower left) that seriously looks like it belongs in a dollhouse and is guaranteed to be useful for absolutely nada, especially considering we already have a salt shaker/pepper grinder combo three times the size currently sitting on our kitchen table. Still, I couldn’t stop cradling it in my palm and I’ve had an Anthro store credit burning a hole in my wallet for the past month so…voila. Home it came. Along with a few other chochkis I intend on using both as storage for q-tips and cotton balls and as a daily reminder that I’m closer to becoming my grandmother each and every day.

After unwrapping my little treasures, I sat back and admired the throw pillows I ordered online last week. Because by that point, I was on a roll.

Which means I might as well own up to the baking too. I made banana pancakes for Jill and myself this morning and then whipped up a batch of these ridiculously easy blondies, adding some dried cherries and slivered almonds, in preparation for a barbeque tomorrow.

At least I finally have people to bake for, right? Life is good…if a bit cliche.


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