current girl crush

Confession: she’s not real, but I harbor a deep, deep love forĀ Kelly Kapoor. I mean, a girl who fakes a pregnancy scare just to score a date is clearly a girl after my own deceptive heart. In fact, I’m pretty sure I subconsciously used Kelly Kapoor-inspired antics to score my last three boyfriends (“We have a date!”)

I think the moment I really knew I was head over heels for Kelly was when she insisted on wearing white to Phyllis’ wedding due to an emergency…the emergency being that white looks really, really good on her (duh.)

It also doesn’t hurt that her real life counterpart, Mindy Kaling, has an Ivy League diploma, a killer sense of style and a deliciously self-deprecating sense of humor. (I clearly have a soft spot forĀ smart, funny writer girls with low self-esteem.)

Oh, Mindy. You almost makes me like Dartmouth. Almost.


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