Awful Winter Tuesday

Wearing: An oversized Penn sweatshirt; the pink polarfleece Bridget stole from my mom years ago; a black turtleneck (yes, I own a turtleneck – I’m from Connecticut); and two pairs of multi-colored discontinued fleece socks (my mom’s Chanukah gift of choice.)

Watching: The blank, powerless TV, hoping that I can somehow will it to channel my DVRed 30 Rock episodes

Listening to: The Peco workers, who muttered something about a “transformer” and “wires” and said we might have power in a few hours

Baking: Nothing, due to the lack of a working oven. Even though I ran out to get eggs for pear bread at 5 p.m.

Missing: This

And occasionally venturing out into the second blizzard of the week, hoping the coffee shop down the street is still open. Because I firmly believe that the only thing that can make a cold and dark and quiet night like this bearable is a cafe au lait and a good lemon square.


3 Responses

  1. 1. I talked to the Peco workers

    2. They said “within 1 hour,” not “hours”

    3. You hate coffee

    4. You are a lemon square

  2. That’s what happened to my beautiful pink polar fleece? And, I guess those socks that you guys always balked at, eventually come in handy. Love, mom

    • Yup. I’m not even sure when she stole it but there was this one time she was visiting me at school and you were visiting too, and you were literally on your way up the stairs when she starts frantically ripping off her clothes. I think she stashed the fleece behind that gross black leather couch in my old room. So funny.

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