A disclaimer

So, I just wanted to take a second to acknowledge that these recaps – or at least portions of them -might not be winning me any writing contests. I’m usually better about editing myself and distilling things into as few words as possible, both because I think writing is better that way and because I enjoy reading things – especially online – that make the most of every word. But the thing is, I’m doing these recaps both for you, my captive audience (aka my like 10 best friends – hi kids!) and for me, so that I have a record of these trips and crazy-ass stories. So that I can use phrases like “this one time, in a rural Indian hospital…” when trying to make my children feel guilty. So I’m including some more play-by-plays than usual, more paragraphs that go “She ____. And then she ____. And then she _____.” I hope you’ll bear with me as I try to get it all down – and I do mean all of it. I’m looking at a 5-part recap at this point, so brace yourselves. I haven’t even gotten to the good stuff yet.


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  1. The more parts, the better. I’ve got LOADS of work to distract myself from!

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