The hold up, part 2

Um, remember about 24 hours ago when I was complaining about Photoshop? Kind of reminds me of that time I was worried about getting food poisoning in India and ended getting stitches instead. I got Photoshop to work, you see, but in the process discovered that my entire hard drive has failed, according to Gary at the Cherry Hill apple store. He was sweet enough to give me a new hard drive (two times as big!) and keyboard for free. I’m still confused as to how that went down, because I def didn’t spring for the protection plan, but I’m not complaining.

Well, actually, I am kind of complaining, because I totally thought that I would just press a button and all of my backed up data would magically flow into my computer and make it exactly the same as it was before. But apparently, that’s not how this shit works. Where are my post-its? My google notifier? That cute hula dancer on my dashboard? 

This is all a long way of saying, I’m currently detained, painstakingly trying to reconstruct my beloved comp. If you have any suggestions (EV!?) send them my way, if not, sit tight for just a little bit longer while I try to get this shit under control. Gracias.


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