Things Dave has done recently that lead me to believe I’m dating my father

  • Paused, turned to me and said “I have something to tell you.” Yes? “I just have a weird feeling I’m going to end up being a nephrologist.” Um, why? “I just have a weird feeling.”
  • Signed up for a two-week long nephrology elective
  • Developed a sudden, intense interest in winter sports. And tried to convince me that I too have an interest in winter sports. (I do not.)
  • Borrowed my Dad’s snowpants – featuring suspenders! – for said winter sports excursion.
  • Spotted, mere seconds after walking in the door from work, the ink stain from the pen that somehow suddenly exploded while under my care. When he called me in from the other room (where I had fled in anticipation of him find the now polka-dotted futon) I found him standing over said futon, arms crossed, demanding, “Rachel, what is this?”  I was immediately transported back to my illustrious high school days of hitting non-moving vehicles and/or objects and eventually facing the wrath/confusion of my parents. (You too would be confused if your child managed to hit  a white picket fence, the cleaning lady’s parked car, her friend’s older brother’s parked car, and a gas station pole while NOT under the influence of alcohol.)

Did I mention my Dad’s middle name is David?


2 Responses

  1. This is just creepy.

    • Um yeah. I have to live it.

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