Defining moments of 2009

Watching the inauguration of President Barack Obama, live from the National Mall. Also, attending the coveted Youth Ball…but somehow drunkenly missing the first dance between the First Couple and stumbling all the way home in my sparkly (outlet-purchased) Kate Spade heels.

Attending med school prom – almost as fun! But not really.

Abandoning the flat iron and embracing my curls.

Enjoying my last spring among the cherry blossoms, after receiving the OK from work to relocate to Philadelphia.

Discovering my first gray hair, which I initially mistook for a piece of glitter. And subsequently having a breakdown.

Dancing with the lead singer of Phoenix at Rock and Roll Hotel.

Heaving our mattress up the center of the insanely narrow stairwell to our new, fourth-floor apartment.

Saying goodbye to my brother before he shipped off to his post-grad life in Ecuador.

Trying, and failing, to write fiction.

Taking in the view from Janiculum Hill in Rome.

Bidding farewell to glasses and contacts forever!

Realizing there’s probably not much this kid can do, say or wear that would make me want to get rid of him.

Happy New Year, all! Here’s to a fab 2010.


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