That thing worth photographing

Or: that time I blew all my savings on a hobby I know absolutely nothing about. Yet.

Yes, the rumors are true. I took the dSLR plunge.

For the record, this shot was taken in a bathroom with no flash and little natural light. By pressing one button. Because that’s all I know how to do right now.

Which is to say: is this a kick ass camera or what? I may be eating canned soup (and not the organic Trader Joe’s variety I’m accustomed to) until the spring, but I’ll have some awesome pictures to document my months of poverty.


Hm? What’s that? You don’t like my horribly framed, barely focused, can’t be corrected in Photoshop because I don’t yet have Photoshop works of art? Me neither.

I’m not going to lie, I kind of suck at this. And I’ve done enough research to know that a fancy camera does not a great photographer make. I need to learn about f-stops and shutter speed and invest in tripods and software and classes. It’s a little overwhelming – knowing that I have so very far to go before I can take pictures that even resemble those of the photographers I so admire. But it’s fun too. I feel kind of revived by it all, the idea that at 24 there’s finally something I can start from scratch but still make progress at. With so many other pursuits (see: Indian dance, singing Happy Birthday on key) I feel as though my chance to learn has already passed by. But I have this hunch that I found photography at just the right time.

The specifics: I’m shooting with the Nikon d5000 and the accompanying kit lens (18-55 mm.) Right now my very limited strategy is to avoid using the flash at all costs, get my hands dirty in search of cool angles and say a small prayer to the camera gods before every shot. It’s kind of working. I got a pretty good deal at B&H in Manhattan, but I have to warn you, when they say superstore, they mean superstore. That place is insane. I had to take a time-out in the middle (like, actually leave the building) just to catch my breath and remember what the outside world looks like. I went in there pretty intent on going with the Canon EOS Rebel Ti1 but Lou, my not so helpful sales person, gave me one piece of useful advice: go with the one that just feels better to you. While I so wanted to love the Canon (after having been pretty swayed by this review) the Nikon just felt much better in my hands. The $90 price difference and nifty live view screen didn’t hurt either. So, now, apparently I’m a Nikon girl! Bring. It. On.


2 Responses

  1. Booya. Told you Nikon was the way to go.

  2. Also, some basic photo tips for n00bs:

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