Taking score

Reasons This Winter Might Be Tolerable:

1. India!

2. My birthday

3. I’m pretty sure a new season of the Bachelor is set to premiere any day now.

4. Snow

5. It’s (moderately) socially acceptable to skip the gym

6. It’s (moderately) socially acceptable to gain five pounds

7. My sparkly earmuffs

8. My hair looks fucking fantastic in this weather.

Reasons It Might Suck Anyway:

1. As previously mentioned, I’m a little scared of this whole India thing.

2. Oh my god, I’m turning 25.

3. Pretty sure a new season of Lost is premiering any day now too, which means Dave will be all islands and Evangeline Lilly for the next four months.

4. Ice

5. It’s still not (even moderately) social acceptable to avoid the gym for months at a time, ahem, Miss Blabbermouth.

6. My new party dresses won’t fit if I gain five pounds.

7. The earmuffs, while cute and sparkly, compromise my ability to hear predators coming to attack me or, god forbid I had any, friends yelling my name.

8. Yep, still looks fantastic.

I think the hair is the deciding vote.


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