Roman holiday

Despite all my blabbering here, my vacation wasn’t all family feuds and seventh grade flashbacks. I arrived in Edinburgh fresh from three blissful days in Rome.

I doubt I have much to say about the city that hasn’t already been said: it was gorgeous, awe-inspiring, educational and just plain fun. I had a blast.

The funny part is that I was super nervous about spending the first day there by myself – my brother’s flight didn’t get in until Friday morning – but ended up having the best time when I was alone. Sitting in a sunny piazza, snacking on pistachio gelato, I had a few of those moments, you know the ones, a combination of: “damn, I am the coolest person ever” and: “life is amazing. how do I ever not think life is amazing?”

The arrival of my brother and his touchy-feely girlfriend sparked a few moments of a different kind (question: how is it possible that two people can be super PDA yet still so awkward together) but by that point, nothing could bring me down from my Roman high.

And yes, I believe “Roman high” is a technical term, caused by copious amounts of pizza, red wine and jet lag.

Here’s some photographic proof, care of my mom’s Nikon coolpix. (One day, one day…)

On the way to the Spanish Steps, captivated by everything.

The thing I liked best about Rome was that you couldn’t really get lost in it. No matter which windy, narrow street you wandered down, it always led to something impressive and important.


Like this. (That’s the happy couple in the foreground.)

Lunch break on the bridge to Trastevere.

Um, yeah, this is what happens when you have no one to take photos of. You end up framing portraits of your lunch.

If ever a lunch deserved a portrait though, this was it. It took me twenty minutes to order (and, when, I finally did, it was just to point to something random) but whatever oozing ham- and cheese-laden thing they ended up giving me was so worth it.

Pistachio and strawberry gelato with crema.

I’m not one to skip dessert.This, too, took 20 minutes to order (and I once again just pointed at something, which then turned out to be something else) but you can’t really go wrong with gelato in Italy.

Giolatti, by the Pantheon.

Giolitti, by the Pantheon.

The gelateria was recommended by Frommer’s “Rome, day by day,” my bible for that trip. A little embarrassing for a longtime member of the NFT crowd to admit, but whatevs.

Pantheon, patent leather flats.


Campo di Fiori

Villa Borghese in the morning.

The city on the hill.

Ciao, Roma.


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