the upside of limited visibility

At first I was all, not being able to see is hard! And, it would be much easier to read this massive legal document my coworker just sent over if I could make out the words! But now I’m starting to see the (metaphorical) light. Having crappy vision can be awesome.

For example, did you know that I’m now the hottest person alive? Seriously. Thanks to my still-compromised sight and the fact that one of the light bulbs in our bathroom blew out, I have been transformed into some kind of goddess (note: this effect is only visible in the bathroom and, um, only to me. Or other visually impaired folks.) My skin looks clear, my features are soft and glowing. I don’t even have to tweeze my eyebrows anymore because I can’t identify anything that needs plucking. Glorious.

These corneal abrasions may not be great for my work productivity, but they’re doing a hell of a job for my self-confidence.


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