Still life with Lasik:*

*Except I didn’t really have Lasik. But I’m a sucker for alliteration.

Last Wednesday, I had a procedure called PRK performed on both eyes. Though I’m beginning to have my doubts, in theory, it’s supposed to enable me to see clearly without glasses or contacts. Due to a bunch of gross technicalities I’m confident you’re better off not knowing, there’s a longer recovery time with PRK than with Lasik, so I won’t know for sure how well the procedure went until at least another few days, and maybe a few more weeks. So far, though, my doctor assures me that everything looks great – although I’m guessing that might have to do with the fact that I doled over $4,500 for this little procedure, and that he doesn’t want his annual Thanksgiving trip to Disney compromised.

Anyway, the procedure itself was pretty trippy, mainly because of the glorious, glorious Valium they gave me. Not sure if that was worth the pricetag alone, but it’s close. That shit is awesome.

Also, having a med student boyfriend finally came in handy! The boy took the full day off from work and took care of me like a pro (probably a good sign consider he will soon, in fact, be a pro.) He put in my drops, made me dinner and helped me navigate downtown Philly sans sight. If nothing else he’ll make a great nurse/seeing eye dog.

Eventually though, he had to head back to work. This was when my intense boredom compelled me to pick up my camera.

The only thing worse than a normal self-portrait by yours truly? A visually compromised self-portrait by yours truly.

Vision-compromised self-portrait attempt

Yeah, nice framing.

Although it might have been for the best..who really needs to see the following documentation, anyway?

(Note the multi-colored polarfleece socks my mom picked up from the discontinued bin at the Southern Vermont outlet mall staple, the Soxx Shop. I am nothing if not extremely cool.)

Things have improved a bit since then. Today, for example, I showered and put on a dress! Victory. I’m still not seeing so great – in fact, it looks like I’m going to have to take more time off from work than I planned – but I’m supposed to get these special bandage contact lenses that are currently cemented to my eyeball removed tomorrow. Once that’s done, I should be back to business – namely, back to telling you about why I had to get this stupid procedure in the first place. Can’t wait.


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