The mission

Answers to the question we’re* all asking ourselves: Why am I doing this again?

1.I’m getting just a tad bit tired of writing about b________ (the fairly technical and highly specific topic that I nonetheless get paid to write about, which I still think is pretty cool) all day, every day.

I’m also mildly concerned that the day job might be turning me into an office drone only capable of churning out dry spot news stories. I’m fearful of losing whatever edge/voice I once had. (Note: it’s highly possible that this attempt at blogging will reveal that I, in fact, never had an edge/voice. But at least then I’ll know, right?)

2.The roommate is getting tired of my incessant blabbering.

This is the big one. I’m sure I’ll go into more detail further along in this blog, but since I moved to Philly from DC to be with my boyfriend in July, I haven’t had much success meeting new girlfriends. At the same time, my chatty tendencies have not subsided at all. This means that the boyfriend is forced to endure the full brunt of my meandering stories, random observations and all-too-frequent rants. I’m thinking it’s time I start depositing some of them on the Internet and give him a break.

3. I’m checking Dooce way too frequently. I’ve combed through all of Smitten’s archives (I’m talking circa 2003.) I think it’s time I stop stalking others and start doing something on my own.

4. Weird shit always happens to me. And I think it’s time you heard about it.

*And by “we,” I mean me, and anyone else unfortunate enough to have stumbled upon this work in progress.


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